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Page Last Updated 23rd September 2019

It is common knowledge that the HSE no longer supports HSG216 Passenger Carrying Miniature Railways – Guidance on Safe Practice.

The Passenger-Carrying Miniature Railway Safety Group (PCMRSG) has completed the initial draft of the new guidance document “Managing Health and Safety at passenger-carrying miniature railways” reflecting current health and safety practice.

September 2019 Update

In our last update we said that the consultation period had closed and that we would be reviewing the comments received. We would like to record our thanks to all those that submitted comments, over 150 were submitted and all were considered. Your input is greatly appreciated. In addition to comments from individuals, clubs & societies and other interested parties we also received comments from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) with whom we have kept in close contact.

Since the closure of the consultation period we have held several 'round the table' meetings in order to discuss amendments, additions and deletions to the draft wording. The HSE have been extremely helpful in this task and indeed have attended two of our meetings in order to discuss first hand.

We are now at the stage of completing the final draft which will be sent to the HSE who hopefully will give their approval and endorsement. The plan is for the new document, “HS2020 – Managing health and safety at passenger-carrying miniature railways”, to be available in the early part of next year.

The HSE have confirmed that whilst HSG216 has been withdrawn they will still be referring to it until the new document is published and the operators of passenger-carrying miniature railways are advised that they should do likewise.

Draft document, comment form and instructions on how to submit to PCMRSG

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